Antoinette Parvis, OD

Laser safety product distributor
On-site laser safety screenings

As an Optometrist, Dr. Parvis brings a unique expertise to her customers who seek laser eye protection. Understanding the vision system serves to ensure that customers receive the best protection possible to avoid laser vision loss with proper use in its application.

In addition to laser glasses, danger signs, and helmets are available as well as prescription inserts for laser glasses for those who require a prescription as they wear the safety glasses.

Antoinette believes all her customers deserve personal care and attention, and therefore, is the point person to all of her customers to meet the safety needs that safeguard visual health and quality within the work environment. She appreciates it when customers share their concerns, and they can work together to address such concerns to resolve any vison related issue facing or potentially facing employees that create challenges which interfere with both vision safety and effective work progress.

Preserving vison is important to quality of life. Individuals who perform in visually hazardous environments require added care and timely eye-health evaluation to either monitor eye health issues or thwart potential vision hazards that may pose a risk to the employees’ vision and impose company labilities. In light of these concerns, Dr. Parvis provides on-site laser safety screenings to provide baseline eye-health status and to monitor and document eye health status as the employee continues employment. These services can be on-site or can be arranged in the locale of your company and the process is overseen and managed by Dr. Parvis to assure consistency of the safety vision process.