Continuing Education for Optometrists

As an optometrist, you have a duty to continue to learn and improve your craft so that you can deliver the best possible care to your patient. It is with this in mind that Eye-Sight 20/20 was created. By providing continuing education for optometrists, we are able to bring together colleagues to share knowledge ad improve treatments. Contact us to learn more about all of our different advanced optometrist courses.

Mission Statement

Eye-Sight 20/20 was developed by optometrist Antoinette D. Parvis in 1996. This is what she has to say:

“I wanted to create an atmosphere of life-long learning in a colleague friendly arena open to all Optometrists to come together to share knowledge and experiences that foster continued excellence in patient care.

Through these many years, Eye-Sight 20/20 has earned the discerning trust of optometric and related medical colleagues throughout the US and Canada by offering year-round advanced, COPE-approved continuing education. The esteemed speaker’s panel consists of only the finest of colleagues who grace our podium with respected expertise, dignity, and the desire to advance and uphold our profession.

Eye-Sight 20/20 is a COPE/ARBO-accredited ACME entity that strives to continually build upon its mission to bring the most current and clinically relevant topics to all optometrists. Many have revered Eye-Sight 20/20 as the best CE in the United States!

As we move forward, you are assured that your CE needs will be fully accessible to all in an atmosphere purely designed to welcome and support each other as fine optometrists delivering vital and compassionate patient care. Join us for the unique and always evolving: ‘EYE-SIGHT 20/20 EXPERIENCE!’

Be Well.
Antoinette D. Parvis, OD”

Speakers Panel

  • Dr. Bartlett
  • Dr. Politzer
  • Dr. Shingleton
  • Dr. Thomas
  • Dr. Bloomenstein
  • Dr. Cymbor
  • Dr. Ferrucci
  • Dr. Gromacki
  • Dr. Madonna
  • Dr. Melton
  • Dr. Morier
  • Dr. Onofrey
  • Dr. Stuart
  • Dr. Richer
  • Dr. Semes
  • Dr. Shechtman
  • Dr. Sherman
  • Arathuzik, R.D.
  • Dr. Raizma
  • Dr. Tang
  • Dr. Dunbar
  • Dr. Sherry
  • Dr. Bass
  • Dr. Krumholz
  • Dr. McGreal
  • Dr. Merabet
  • Dr. Shepherd
  • Dr. Brown
  • Dr. Rapoza
  • Dr. Jones
  • Dr. Marrelli
  • Dr. Johnson
  • Dr. Quinn
  • Dr. Shah
  • Dr. Litwak
  • Dr. Richman
  • Dr. Houston
  • Dr. Herbert
  • Dr. Hitchmoth
  • Dr. Whitle
  • Dr. Gerson
  • Dr. Anshel
  • Dr. Rifkin
  • Dr. Valenti
  • Dr. Hoquet
  • Dr. Sorkin


Eye-Sight 20/20, Inc. is an independent CE professional arena developed in 1996 to uphold excellence in patient care through advanced post-graduate education. As such Eye-Sight 20/20, Inc. and/or Dr. Parvis reserves the right to refuse admission of any individual to any program, to limit program admission in general, and/or to remove any participant/individual during any portion of any program as deemed necessary to ensure professional decorum for all without any incurred liability to Eye-Sight 20/20, Inc. and/or, Dr. Parvis and/or any one person or persons, group, and/or company associated with any such conference and/or Eye-Sight 20/20, Inc. and/or Dr. Parvis.

Note Regarding Commercial Guidelines

Commercial exhibits and/or support are required to be in compliance with guidelines of commercial support and CE rules and regulations. Any commercial presence is accepted only to enhance our professional enrichment. Any such support does not bear any influence on program content, speaker choice, or program occurrence and thereby no such bias exists within the educational objectives and thus is presented in the best interest of improving patient care outcomes. Eye-Sight 20/20, Inc. maintains full compliance.