May 2, 4PM EST, 2021 – Glaucoma

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Date(s) - 05/02/2021
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


“Spectrum of Glaucoma Technologies and Standard of Care Implications- Part 1” COPE # 71945-GL
Jerome Sherman, OD

In the past, glaucoma was diagnosed by IOPs, ophthalmoscopy and visual fields but now we also consider: SDOCT primarily but also screening OCT, OCTA, OCT “gonioscopy”, pERG, PhNR, novel fields (including micro-perimetry and objective VFs), objective pupillometry, tests of color and contrast, specular microscopy, pachymetry, and corneal hysteresis. Actual malpractice cases will also be analyzed to answer the questions: What is the present standard of glaucoma care and what can we learn from the mistakes of others?

“Spectrum of Glaucoma Technologies and Standard of Care Implications- Part 2” COPE # 71946-GL
Jerome Sherman, OD

Part 2 goes into further depth of select topics covered in Part 1 and adds a major section on “overlap syndromes,” cases of glaucoma in the presence of other disorders. This includes Stargardts and later open angle glaucoma, nutritional amblyopia followed by LHON and then open angle glaucoma, disc drusen and open angle glaucoma, Marfan syndrome and open angle glaucoma, pathological myopia in a mentally challenged patients and angle closure, PDS/glaucoma with pseudo retinal folds, peri-central RP with larger cups and developing glaucoma


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