Established in 1996 by your fellow colleague for all colleagues

 A trusted and professional arena in which continued competency is maintained and patient care outcomes benefit from highly advanced CE that serves the Optometric physician in the on-going dedication of patient care excellence.

When colleagues choose  the EYE-SIGHT 20/20 experience, you are assured that you are earning CE that fulfills all aspects of professional maintenance of licensure, continued competency, credits for the  CELMO program and the professional enrichment that is enhanced when we gather among respected colleagues and friends.

EYE-SIGHT 20/20 is dedicated to the continual needs of our profession and maintains an independent CE arena free of commercial/trade influence and/ or bias and adheres to all CE compliance regulations to assure the credibility of your professional experience and outcomes as you practice.

EYE-SIGHT 20/20 is a COPE approved CE administrator/CE provider.

The esteemed speaker’s panel consists of only the finest of our colleagues who are, world-renown educators, researchers, well-published and most importantly, who practice on a daily basis. Our speakers present all aspects of eye-health and related medical topics and all share the mission of EYE-SIGHT 20/20 as they grace the podium with dignity, respect and dedication to improved patient care outcomes.

As EYE-SIGHT 20/20 looks to the future, this dedication will continue and our arena will expand and grow as we continually reflect the needs of our profession and honor the privilege of choosing to be Optometric Physicians delivering vital patient care.